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General Questions

Orders will be processed in 2 business days. You will receive your tracking number after that.

The shipping time varies from 3-8 days based on your location.

We ship from local warehouses (California in the US, Montreal in Canada) so there will be no Import Tax. Per your local laws, GST may apply.

Yes! We offer FREE shipping to the lower 48 states in the US and in Canada. Learn more about our Shipping Policy here.

NIU kick scooters are rated IP54, which means the scooter is protected from dust and light splashes. You should be fine in light rain or passing through small puddles, but avoid getting the deck of your kick scooter wet as that is where the battery is located. 

The scooter can handle a maximum weight of up to 100 kg (220 lbs). To avoid accidents, we do not recommend riders above the weight limit use the kick scooter. The rider should meet the legal riding age in their region, be in good health, and complete the user tutorial in the NIU app.

If there is a problem covered by warranty, NIU will help fix the problem or accept a return at no cost. For Change of Mind returns, you will be responsible for the cost of return shipping. Return shipping costs vary by distance. (Our return address for the US is in California, and Montreal for Canada.)

Yes, please contact for help before shipping. We will try our best to assist you, but please note orders cannot be changed after they are shipped. 

Power on and kick start the scooter. Kicking off the ground to reach ≥ 4 km/h, place both feet on the scooter deck and slowly press the thumb throttle. You can now accelerate normally. When the vehicle speed is < 4 km/h, the accelerator is disabled for your safety. 

When riding the vehicle, make sure to wear protective gear such as a helmet, wrist guards, and knee pads.

No, high-capacity lithium-ion batteries cannot be shipped by plane, so we can we only ship to the lower 48 states in the US (excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico) and Canada (excluding Nunavik, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon). We do not ship to PO boxes or APO.

No. NIU Energy battery technology protects your battery from overcharging, so you can charge whenever you want.

We accept change of mind returns.  Learn more about our Return Policy here.

Product Related

A good battery is the most essential feature in any electric mobility vehicle or device.

That's why NIU offers a 2-year Battery Life warranty.

All NIU kick scooter batteries are thoroughly tested to ensure you'll reach 500 charging cycles before a noticeable difference in your daily use. 

If we take the KQi3 Pro as an example, we can see that with a range of 30 miles, a daily commute of ~5 miles, and assuming you charge it every 3 days, then 500 charging cycles can last 1500 days - that's 4 years! 

In the NIU app, you can easily find all the information about your battery and charging cycles, a useful and transparent feature not common among other kick scooter brands.

The NIU halo light is a daytime running light and cannot be switched off. With the Halo light on, riders can see you from very far away. This form of passive safety feature goes a long way in ensuring your safety when riding your NIU. During the daytime, using a daylight running light reduces the accident rate by 12% and fatality rate from accidents by 26%!

While the KQi3 does not have traditional suspension, it does use large, wide tubeless pneumatic tires that provide excellent shock absorption. Some solid-wheeled scooters require suspension to provide the most basic of comforts, but this is not required with the large, wide tubeless pneumatic tires we use for the KQi3.

Getting the right tire pressure for your kick scooter is important. It is not only the tire that supports the weight of your kick scooter but also the air pressure inside the tire.

Tire pressure influences your vehicle performance like driving comfort and general handling behavior.

The tire pressure for your kick scooter should be 45-50 psi or 3.10 - 3.44 bar. You can also see this information in your user manual.

It's best to check your tire pressure every month.

The NIU kick scooter battery can undergo 500 cycles of charging and discharging under normal working temperatures (0-45 °C for charging and -15-60 °C for discharging).

The kick scooter has a non-removable battery. If you encounter any problems with the battery, please contact after-sales service for repair.

There are several riding modes that you can use for your KQi scooter.

The 4 modes are E-Save / Sport / Custom / Pedestrian.

After a long press of the power button to turn on (or off) the device, short press once to change riding modes.

E-save mode has a riding speed of up to 15 km/h for your KQi kick scooter.

To unlock the top speed, you will need to bind your scooter to the app and complete the new rider tutorial. Only after that you can switch to Sport mode and reach the maximum speed of your kick scooter.

Custom mode is enabled in the NIU app by setting your preferred top speed.

Pedestrian mode is enabled with five presses of the button, and limits the scooter to a maximum of 4km/h.

If there are scratches on your kick scooter upon unpacking it, you can contact our after-sales service. The scratches will be repaired under warranty. The warranty will be confirmed after investigating the case.

If your kick scooter has scratches after having used it, you can contact the after-sales service for repair. This won’t be covered by our warranty.

Nope! NIU electric kick scooters just need to be "kicked" to start moving and then the motor takes over, carrying you to speeds of up to 20mph in comfort and style.

It can tolerate 3,000 folds under normal use conditions. You should still be careful when folding your kick scooter, paying attention to carefully and properly secure the latch when both folding and unfolding.

Only one app account can be connected to a kick scooter.

In case you need spare tires or your tires get punctured, you can purchase extra tires.

We can send the tires to you so you can install it by yourself, or have it repaired by our service partners.

To have it repaired in a service center, you will need to send the kick scooter to us and we will replace the tire for a fee.

The total steering angle of the front wheel l is 110°.

KQi Kick Scooters Troubleshooting

There might be an instance where an error code will appear on your dashboard.

One of these is error 03. It refers to an accelerator fault.

Please check the state of the accelerator switch to see if the cables are plugged in tightly.

You can find instructions to troubleshoot this here.

If it still doesn’t work, please submit a service request form online.

Our after-sales team will be in contact with further instructions.

There are instances where you may not turn on your kick scooter for several weeks.

In some situations, you may see an error 41 on the dashboard when you turn on the kick scooter.

This error refers to a battery over-discharging warning. Please charge your kick scooter as soon as possible if you encounter this error.

If it still doesn’t work, please submit a service request form online.

Our after-sales team will contact you with further instructions.

You may encounter some noise from the disc brakes when you begin using your kick scooter for the first time.

Please check the state of the brake disc plate. If it's normal, please follow the instructions here.

If it still doesn’t work, please submit a service request form online.

Our after-sales team will contact you with further instructions.

If you noticed that the brakes for your KQi2 Pro are not responsive and require more tension to brake, you will need to check or fix the brakes.

The KQi2 Pro uses a drum brake and does not need adjustment. 

It is normal to hear a noise while braking because the drum brake uses friction to prevent the wheels from rotating.

However, if the wheels make noise when rolling the kick scooter without the brake, you should perform a check.

While making adjustments, refer to our diagram here. If the brake is too loose, please loosen the screws (red circle in the figure) and adjust the swing arm (red arrow) to adjust the tightness of the brake line.

If it still doesn’t work, please submit a service request form online.

Our after-sales team will contact you with further instructions.

The NIU kick scooter uses both mechanical and electronic brakes.

If you’re experiencing issues with the brakes, please first check for issues with the mechanical brakes.

Hold the brake on one side and try to push the kick scooter forward. If you are easily able to move the kick scooter, the brakes are not properly working. You should adjust the brake cable fastening position in order to adjust the brake tension.

If, after adjusting the mechanical brakes, the brakes are still faulty, the problem most likely is caused by the electronic brakes. In that case, please contact after-sales service for repair.

If you hear a rubbing noise from the front wheel, the brake line may be too tight. 

The KQi2 kick scooter uses drum brake and only has a mechanical brake in the front. Adjusting the brake is very easy using the steps below:

1. Loosen the screws fixing the front brake cable.

2. Adjust rocker arm position. The more upward the rocker arm, the tighter the brake. The lower the rocker arm, the looser the brake.

3. Tighten the screws for fixing the front brake line.

In addition, the electronic brake can be adjusted by adjusting the regenerative braking sensitivity through app. You may choose between three levels: strong, medium, and weak.

You can refer to more detailed instructions here.

There are instances when the kick scooter may not turn on the first time using it.

This often occurs when some cables are disconnected. 

Please check the two dashboard cables to see if they are connected properly. You can refer to the diagram here.

If it still doesn’t work, please submit a service request form online.

Our after-sales team will contact you with further instructions.

If you see a red dot on your kick scooter dashbaord, we recommend that you send your vehicle to our service center for maintenance.

Please submit a service request form online.

Our after-sales team will contact you with further instructions.

If the battery doesn’t charge anymore, please check and make sure the charging port is clean and free from obstructions.

Issues with charging may also be caused by the charger itself. 

Plug the charger in but keep it disconnected from the kick scooter. Check if the charger indicator is green. If it is red or not lit at all, the charger may be damaged.

In this situation, contact after-sales service for repair.

If the headlight is dim, uneven, or not working at all, please check whether there is dust or water in the light hood.

If you find dust or water inside the headlight, or you are unable to press the power button twice to turn on and off the headlight, contact after-sales service for repair.

If you experience instability in the stem while riding, please check the following items: 

1. Check if the folding latch has been correctly latched.

2. Check if the stem fastening screws are tight. Tighten the screws if needed.

3. Check if the fastening screws connecting the dashboard and the stem are tight. Tighten the screws if needed.

Stalling is most likely to be caused by a damaged controller. Please contact the after-sales service for repair.

If your kick scooter is new, the brakes will loosen and become smoother after a short period of time. 

You can also adjust the regenerative braking settings in the app. When setting it to weak, the electronic brake system will be smoother.

You can check if there is anything stuck in the brake handle. Remove any dirt or small particles that may be stuck there.

If the brake handle doesn’t return to its normal position due to a mechanical defect, it will have to be replaced. Contact after-sales service for repair.

If the thumb throttle is not returning to its normal position, you can check if there is enough space between the throttle and the handle grip. If there is not, you should adjust the position of the thumb throttle or the handle grip so that there is a proper gap between them.

Also, check if the thumb throttle set screws are loose enough. If they are too tight, the thumb throttle can easily get stuck. 

If these steps still don’t resolve the problem, please contact the after-sales service for repair.

The rattles are generally caused by loose parts, friction, or vibration.

Standing next to the kick scooter, push it forward to determine where the noise is coming from. If the noise is caused by loose screws, please tighten the screws. If you cannot determine the problem, please contact the after-sales service for repair.

When the handlebar tube becomes loose, check if the handlebar locking cover is loose. Tighten the handlebar locking cover screws if needed. If the handlebar is still loose after tightening the locking cover, please contact after-sales service for repair.

First, check if the power button has moved or if it got stuck. If so, you can try to move it back to its correct position, press and hold, then check if the display powers on.

If the dashboard remains off, contact after-sales service for repair.

If the tail light does not power on, the tail light or the controller may be faulty. Please contact the after-sales service for repair.

To fold the kick scooter, pull the latch release switch upward. While holding the handlebar with one hand, press the safety latch all the way down. Connect the folding hook to the latch on the rear fender to secure the dashboard to the deck.

To unfold the kick scooter, press the lock release button on the rear fender and lift the stem so that the folding latch snaps (until a click is heard), press the folding latch upward (until a click is heard) and it is secure against the stem.

If you are using the kick scooter for the first time, please make sure you have assembled and paired your NIU kick scooter correctly.

If you have completed the assembly and pairing process and you’re still not able to ride the scooter, please contact after-sales service for repair.

Check if the front and rear wheel fastening screws (nuts) are loose. If they are, tighten the screws (nuts). If they are tightened, please contact after-sales service.