Scooter safety: Protecting yourself and others on the road!

Scooter safety: Protecting yourself and others on the road!

Riding an electric kick scooter throughout the city can be daunting for inexperienced riders. Both new and experienced riders should take precautionary measures to ensure they are cruising the streets safely.

While there are risks with any vehicle, there are several key points to make sure that you and your scooter are both safe and not exposed to any harm on the roads. If you follow these key safety tips, you can create safer streets for you and fellow riders on the road.


Use a proper helmet and safety equipment

Before you begin riding a kick scooter, it's important to ensure you have all the necessary safety gear such as a helmet, gloves, pads, shoes, or any other riding gear that might prevent injury.

A kick scooter riding wearing a helmet, gloves, and pads

helmet is the most important component. Even if a helmet is not required while riding an electric kick scooter in your region, it is always recommended to wear one for your own protection. You should wear a helmet that does not compromise your vision while riding the kick scooter.

When choosing gloves, be sure to select a pair with a proper fit. Gloves should keep the hands comfortable and warm, while helping to maintain a firm grip. Knee and elbow pads will also help in preventing scratches and fractures if you fall down. Shoes worn while riding should not be slippery and easily allow you to maintain control and balance.

Lastly, your riding gear should be weather resistant. Similar to your gloves, choose riding clothes that don't interfere with your ability to operate the kick scooter in any way.

Proper riding gear minimizes the possibility of getting severely injured, and it is a one-time investment that will ultimately safeguard you in the long run.


Check the scooter before and after a ride

It's important to check the kick scooter for any issues before and after you ride the vehicle. As the owner, you have the most experience with your own scooter, so you will be able to notice any immediately apparent issues compared to previous rides.

Kick scooter safety check before and after riding

First, make sure all the components are in good working condition. Ensure that the wheels, tires, deck, lights, dashboard, and other key components are not damaged or obstructed. Roll the scooter briefly before riding, checking that there are no abnormal sounds coming from any part of the kick scooter.

If you notice any part of the scooter needs service or repair, do not ride the scooter and contact customer support. If you have a NIU kick scooter, you can contact our customer support at any time by sending an email to Timely service of your kick scooter can save you from any major repairs and can also ensure safe rides.

To know more about how to ride safely on your kick scooter, read through its user manual and learn more about its service and maintenance.


Increase your visibility and awareness of surroundings

Of course, when riding in low light (or even daylight) situations, you always want to make sure you can be seen, heard, and are fully aware of your surroundings.

A kick scooter rider with headlights, brake lights, a bell, and unobstructed vision

Visibillity, both for yourself and for obstacles in your path, is key when riding an electric kick scooter. High quality kick scooters, like the NIU KQi3 series, include bright headlights, brake lights, and daytime running lights. NIU also offers a kick scooter helmet with a bright, flashing LED light on the back that can work in tandem with your brake lights to improve rear visibility.

Hearing is another key sense to help you stay safe on your journey. Avoid listening to music or limiting your hearing with headphones or other gear on a ride. Always ring your bell when passing other vehicles and pedestrians, too.


Improve comfort and reduce fatigue while riding

It may seem obvious that you would want a comfortable ride on a kick scooter, but your comfort may be more important than you think. If you ride for longer distances in an uncomfortable position, you may find yourself more fatigued, less reactive, and not as attentive to the road.

A kick scooter rider at the ideal comfort angle

First of all, you should be riding with your back straight. Scooters like the KQi series from NIU are built with user ergonomics in mind already, so the angle of the stem, wide deck, wide handlebars, and wide tires will already help to maximize comfort. However, you still want to avoid riding while hunched over; riding with your shoulders back and a straight back is best.

Also make sure that you keep your leg with the best balance planted firmly on the deck, and use your other leg to push when kick starting your scooter from a stop. Bending your knees too much will also increase fatigue on your leg, but don't lock your knees or it may cause discomfort when riding over bumps.

Try not to look down while pushing. Keeping your eyes straight ahead whenever possible is a good practice to avoid accidents and neck strain.


Follow safe riding best practices

Although electric kick scooters are built to handle a variety of riding situations, here are some key tips for safe riding to bear in mind at all times.

Avoid these kick scooter pitfalls when riding
  • Never ride with two or more people on the kick scooter
  • Avoid potholes and construction zones, and never ride your scooter on stairs, tracks, or other uneven surfaces that may damage the tires
  • Even for kick scooters with water and dust resistance, avoid riding in heavy rainfall or on roads with standing water that might reduce traction
  • Remember to reduce your speed and allow for longer braking distance when riding on wet surfaces
  • Always ride with two hands on the handlebar and eyes on the road ahead; do not use your phone while riding
  • Always turn slowly and do not suddenly twist the handlebars at a sharp angle while riding
  • Maintain an appropriate speed and stick to surface roads or bike lanes; do not ride illegally on high speed streets


By following these tips, riders can ensure safe rides on their kick scooters and can save themselves from any unexpected accidents and falls.

Furthermore, practice brings perfection. The more a rider uses a kick scooter, the more they can master it. However, even advanced riders should always take these safety factors into account when navigating their cities.

Stay safe out there and happy riding!




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